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FAQ's On Mission Trips & COVID-19

Click here to download a pdf version of Covid FAQ's

“What the enemy meant for evil, God meant for good.” (Genesis 50:20)

There's no doubt that our adversary, the devil, does not want the Gospel of Jesus Christ to spread around the world. Despite Covid-19, we are ready for 2022 and committed to supporting and uniting the local Church in the U.S. and Nicaragua. We press forward in faith as we serve children and families in our barrios. The needs are great, and we are ready to host your team as we answer these challenges together.

Although the risk of infection is minimal, we are committed to the safety of your team as we prepare to serve you in 2022. Here’s a brief guideline as to what you can expect:

1. Can I travel to Nicaragua on a Mission Trip?

    • YES! We highly recommend booking your flights on AVIANCA ( which has been flying daily to and from Managua for a number of years. We recommend using Nick Kryfko at High Point Go Travel. Email: Phone: 972-284-1358
    • Sample Flight:
      • Roundtrip Domestic Flight from your home airport to Miami (MIA)
      • Roundtrip Flight on Avianca from Miami (MIA) to Managua (MGA)

(Avianca does offer flights from various U.S. cities that fly to El Salvador and then to Managua)

2. Are vaccines or quarantine required?

    • Although Vaccines are not currently required for travel to Nicaragua or return to the U.S., we do recommend it to lessen the severity of symptoms if you get Covid. Unlike many countries, quarantines are not required upon entry to Nicaragua.

3. What is required to travel to and from Nicaragua on AVIANCA/TACA Airlines?

    • IMPORTANT!!A PCR Covid (not the rapid antibody test) test must be taken 72 hours prior to departure to Nicaragua and negative results emailed to Avianca WITHIN 36 HOURS OF TAKING THE TEST. This basically means you need a same day COVID PCR test. We will assist you in this process.
    • A rapid Covid antibody test in Nicaragua must also be taken 24 hours before returning to the U.S. (required by the U.S. government globally) - the cost is $150/person payable in Nicaragua. *We are currently exploring options with an Abbott eMed test that can be taken at our campus which only costs $30. If this option is viable, team members would be required to bring this test with them.

4. What is the cost of a mission trip?

    • Even though the cost of food, gas, electricity, materials and more in Nicaragua have risen dramatically, we are keeping our Ground Fees the same at $650 per person. This includes lodging, ground transportation, food, translators, insurance and more. 
    • The cost of a SAME DAY PCR COVID TEST in your city. We have seen the cost vary from $25-$200.
    • The return Covid Test in Nicaragua is $150
    • Airfare is not included in the Ground Fee, but you should expect $600-$900 per person.

5. What happens if my mission trip is postponed or cancelled?

    • With our Payment Protection Program, your land and project fees will be held for your next trip and in some cases refunded. You can also choose to donate your fees to our ongoing ministry in Nicaragua.

6. Is Covid present in Nicaragua?

    • Like the U.S., there have been surges in Covid, but currently there are minimal infections of COVID-19. It’s virtually nonexistent in our barrio's.

7. What is CCM doing to mitigate the risks of exposure?

    • Our staff Physician, Dr. Ariana Cordero will be present with teams to provide guidance and observation.
    • Limited exposure to public areas outside of our facilities such as restaurants, stores, etc.
    • Increased sanitization of housing, transportation, and common areas. Hand sanitizer available at all times, supplied by both the team and CCM.
    • Decreased number of guests per room at our mission campuses, allowing for social distancing. Staggered dining when more than one team is present.

8. What about serving in the barrios?

    • We will have water/soap for hand-washing and hand sanitizer with us at all times. Each Church will have a hand-washing station for teams to use, as well as the people from the communities who attend.
    • While going door-to-door and interacting with children, please consider wearing a mask and exercise appropriate judgment with regard to distancing.

9. What if I’m directly exposed to someone confirmed with COVID while in Nicaragua?

    • In consultation with our staff physician and your team leader, we will determine if you need to be housed in a separate area on our campus.

10. What happens if I show symptoms?

    • Our staff physician will closely monitor and evaluate your symptoms. We will provide housing in a separate area on our campus.

11. Can I be tested for COVID in Nicaragua?

    • Unlike the U.S., rapid testing sites are not available in Nicaragua, however, we have a limited number of home test kits available. We also encourage team members to bring test kits and leave them at our campus (you can’t buy them in Nicaragua).

12. What is a Covid Care Volunteer?

    • Prior to team travel to Nicaragua, CCM requests that 1-2 individuals be selected to act as “Covid Care Volunteers”.  These individuals, (preferably vaccinated), would remain on our campus to help our staff Physician in the unlikely event a team members tests positive for COVID-19. He or she would return with them to the U.S. once they test negative.

13. What if I test positive for COVID? Am I covered with Insurance?

    • You will be required to stay in Nicaragua at our campus until you test negative. This is a requirement of the United States.
    • Our staff Physician will provide daily care and consult with local doctors for the appropriate care.
    • CCM will immediately provide a WhatsApp Group Chat with your family, church leadership, personal physician and others to ensure open communication.
    • CCM provides medical travel insurance on all team members.  Our policy does cover some medical expenses incurred from COVID-19.  However, any emergency medical evacuations may be limited based on whether or not an individual has been vaccinated prior to travel (policy available upon request).

14. What about quarantine, lodging, and food?

    • If a team member tests positive for COVID-19, CCM will have a designated “Quarantine area” located away from all other team members. 
    • If a team member, along with the “Covid Care Volunteers” (see question #2 above) must extend their stay longer than their intended departure date, CCM will make lodging available at no charge.  
    • Our staff will continue to provide housing, food, and medical care during your stay until you’re retested with a negative result. CCM will invoice a “Care Cost” for additional expenses only if an extended stay is required.  This would include the cost of meals, medicines/medical treatment, ground/staff transportation for those with COVID-19 and for those caring for those with COVID-19.  The invoice would be sent to the organization after the individual(s) test negative for COVID-19 able to return to the United States. 

15. What about travel back to the U.S?

    • There is no required time period for quarantine. As soon as you test negative, you’re free to return to the U.S.
    • We will assist in rebooking your return flight to the U.S. With Avianca, there is no charge to rebook your flight.