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Home for Aydees Gutierrez

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FAMILY:  Aydees Gutierrez & Family
COMMUNITY:  Miracle of God

COST OF PROJECT(S):  New Home - $2,400

Most families in our barrio communities live in very humble homes made of scrap metal, plastic, and cardboard. When the rains come, water often drips on the beds and dirt floor, creating a muddy mess. Living on $2/day doesn't allow these families to build a safe, secure home. Under the direction of our local Pastors, CCM builds 15'x15' homes with a steel frame, concrete floor, windows, doors, and corrugated walls. Construction includes the necessary removal of old structures and site preparation. A new home is one of the most impactful ministry projects we do. It not only meets their physical needs but allows us to share the Love of Christ.