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‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’
Matthew 25:40
Ministry Project Opportunities
Search for nutrition, home and church construction, clean water, medical and more.
(click on the photo for additional information, to signup for a mission trip project and more)
COMMUNITY:  Renacer  /  GOAL:  $800
Your gift brings clean water, food, shelter, and the Gospel of Christ to children in Nicaragua
Cost: $2,280 or an amount of your choosing toward this fund. Usually, the only place to find a playground is in the parks in the city. We construct...
Cost: Only $25/per person! The unemployment rate in our barrio's is about 80%. As we build homes, latrines, churches, and more, this provides much...
COMMUNITY:  Tomas Borge'  /  GOAL:  $2,200
Cost: Only $10! Our goal is to make sure that every family has a church and everyone has a printed copy of God's Holy Word. This also helps our...
COMMUNITY: Divino Nino / GOAL:  $2,400
COMMUNITY:  Square 91  /  GOAL:  $2,200
COMMUNITY:  Santa Elena  /  GOAL:  $6,260
Cost: Only $300 or an amount of your choosing toward this fund. Local Nicaragua students learn a trade in the woodshop on our Masaya campus. This...
The unemployment rate in some of our barrio communities is over 80%. We identify families who have the drive to run a business to not only...
COMMUNITY:  The Parcels  /  GOAL:  $3,000
Only $25 each! This extra-large bag of food provides about 2 weeks of food for children and families. It contains 5lbs of rice & beans,...
Cost: $180/each For many of our churches, families bring their own plastic chairs to church. Wooden pews are handmade by students learning a trade...
COMMUNITY:  Eugenio Perez  /  GOAL:  $880
COMMUNITY:  Rosario Murillo  /  GOAL:  $2,200
COMMUNITY:  El Chague  /  GOAL:  $600
Cost: $3750 or an amount of your choosing.  Water is Life. CCM has its own well drilling rig which provides fresh water for bathing,...