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Code of Conduct and Dress Code for Mission Trips

“We put no stumbling block in anyone’s path so that our ministry will not be discredited”  2 Corinthians 6:3

We thank you for understanding that each mission team member is highly visible in the communities. Always keep in mind our actions can either help or harm the Lord’s work in Nicaragua. There are community and church norms as well as safety measures that we ask be observed throughout your time in Nicaragua.

  1. Seek to exhibit a servant’s attitude.
  2. Be flexible.
  3. Seek to keep an attitude that promotes unity, cooperation and respect between the team and those in leadership (team leaders/Nicaraguan leadership, etc.)
  4. Sleep in room you have been assigned. Always travel, eat and work as part of the group, never wandering off on your own.
  5. Be willing to accomplish the task assigned to your group.
  6. Be willing to dress by the standards which are appropriate for the culture, seeking to never be a distraction or bring offense by what you wear. Adhere to the dress code we present. No exceptions. Your signature will ensure that you have read over and will adhere to all dress code policies while on the mission field of Nicaragua with Chosen Children Ministries.
  7. Abstain from any conduct as requested by leaders or which you know would be offensive to others or contrary to a clear testimony for Jesus Christ. This means refraining from any use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, offensive language or abusive drugs.  Keep your conduct with the opposite sex at the highest moral standard of respect, modesty and morality as well as anything else that would negatively impact your witness or bring a bad light upon the ministry of Chosen Children.
  8. Show respect and understand that the doctrinal beliefs and practices of CCM will be held as the standard while serving on location.
  9. Abstain from arguments regarding politics, religion or traditions.
  10. Attempt to attend all team meetings, both prior to departure and during the mission trip.
  11. Do not seek out romantic relationships with another team member, team leader, national leaders, or translators you might meet on this trip.
  12. Refrain from giving gifts such as money etc. to the nationals. Although we know your intent is good the result can leave us with problems. There are many who serve in the background and being left out could cause unnecessary jealously among the nationals who may not receive such gifts. Please consult with Wallace Nix before ever promising a gift to any staff member, and then trust that he will direct you in the appropriate way the gift should be received and distributed.
  13. As a short term missionary remember your responsibility to refrain from any other behavior or activity that would hinder your ministry or the ministry of your team during the term of your service. 


Leave all expensive jewelry and electronic items at home! Stay inside the guest rooms after sunset unless with the group for an activity. Never go anywhere alone or without the permission of the team leader. Stay away from all walls and gates surrounding campus which are electrified.

Dress: All clothing should be modest and free of any questionable designs. You will want good walking tennis shoes or work boots/ mud boots for rainy season. Flip flops or sandals to wear around campus.

Women and Girls:

Skirts & dresses must reach the top of the knee or longer — longer is preferred!

If wearing shorts they must reach the top of the knee or longer.

No short-shorts or cheerleading shorts please.

No low necklines on women!

No belly buttons (or midriffs) showing at any time—no cropped shirts or blouses, no halter-tops

For church service we suggest skirts or dresses.


Men and Boys:

For normal work days wear pants or shorts to knee with shirt or t-shirt.        

No tank top shirts or cut out sleeves.

For church service you will want to wear pants and collared shirt.

Modesty of dress is a requirement of being part of this mission team!

Parents and adults taking responsibility for a teen are expected to supervise the packing, attire and conduct of their teen for their week of ministry on the mission field in Nicaragua with CCM.